2 more conferences

Details will be forwarded to schools in both West and East Herts regarding 2 new science conferences. One, to be held at Stansted Hilton is aimed at Teaching Assistants on Friday 25th January whilst a second, for science subject leaders and newly qualified teachers will take place at the Watford Hilton on Friday 1st February.

Details will be in schools the first week of the new term, with both costing £90.00 per delegate, £ 155 for two staff from the same school.

The Primary Works Primary Science Conference

This day conference, held in the professional surroundings of the Hilton Hotel, Stansted airport is designed to be a creative day for newly qualified teachers, science subject leaders and staff who have science as a performance management target.

All 5 sessions will be hands on practical and offer new methods to develop Memorable Science within your school. For further details, please contact The Primary Works through the website contact details.

Primary Science Conference


Making Science Memorable


Date: Friday 9th November


Venue: Stansted Hilton.


Time: 9.00 – 4.00


Target Audience: newly qualified teachers, science subject leaders and staff                               developing their science knowledge through performance management.




9.00 – 9.30: Arrival and coffee/refreshments

9.30 – 9.45: Welcome and overview of the day.

9.45 – 10.45: Developing an understanding of forces in key stage 2

A practical investigation.

10.45 – 11.00: Coffee break

11.00 – 12.00: Practical approaches to developing knowledge of the human skeleton and instilling good vocabulary.

12.00 – 12.30: Creative methods for displaying and writing up investigations.

12.30 – 1.30: Lunch in Amy’s Restaurant

1.30 – 2.30: Using electricity within key stage 2.

A development of understanding and knowledge.

2.30 – 2.45: Coffee

2.45 – 3.30: Using the school environment as a valuable resource.

3.30 – 4.00; Group discussion, paperwork session, response feedback forms and end of conference



The Primary Works After school Science club

TPW offers a wide range of after school clubs based around extending the  primary science curriculum. The most popular club is one that incorporates rocket making and launching, kite construction and flying and a selection of parachute designs. Behind these practical sessions is the underlying knowledge of forces.


Another oft requested club, that lasts 5 weeks, is the Young Electricians Club. Here key stage 2 children develop their understanding of electrical circuits, using switches, bulbs, buzzers and electric motors. Also, a safety talk on electricity is the starting point for each club, and this is reinforced each week. The group tackle increasingly complex tasks in circuitry, eventually trying to design and build a circuit for a series of lights that work in the same sequence as traffic lights.

Other sessions develop the child’s understanding of the natural history of their local environment. Owl pellets are dissected, so also vocabulary of the skeleton is involved. Always a great, fun session.

To book any of these clubs, or ones based on local history or art, please contact Jonathan via the contact details on this site.

The Primary Works Holiday Activity Week

Details here of 4 days of exciting,  fun packed investigations and activities for the school holidays.

Monday 30th July: Cricket Coaching and Test Match

venue: Little Hadham Cricket Club

Time: 9.30 – 1.00pm

Cost £20 per child.

A morning of games developing cricket skills, especially batting and fielding. After a mid session break a 2 innings test match will take place with all participants being able to bowl, bat and wicket keep. Requirements are just t shirt and joggers or chorts, a cap, drinks and a snack. Further details will be sent upon registration, including directions to the ground. Let’s hope for a dry and warm day.


Tuesday 31st July: Fun science investigations involving electrical circuits.

Venue: Thorley Community Hall

Time: 9.30 – 12.30

Cost £25.00 per child

requirements: drink and a snack

A really good educative and fun session exploring electrical circuits. Make torches, burglar alarms, traffic lights or incorporate a motor into a circuit to make a fan or an airplane with propeller.  open, like all to 7 – 12 year olds. No previous knowledge of circuits required.

Wednesday 1st August: Art Morning

Venue: Little Hadham Village Hall

Time: 9.30 – 12.20

Cost £25.o0 per child.

A cracking busy morning of painting and drawing. We shall be looking at masterpieces by Picasso, Mondrian, and other 20th century artists, discovering their techniques and using them to draw and paint our own copy on to a professional canvas. All resources supplied.

Thursday 2nd August: Olympic Rockets.

Venue: Parsonagle Lane Hall

Time 9.30 – 12.30

Cost £25.00

Probabaly the most enjoyed and exciting session. Make a rocket to try and beat Olympic records of long jump, high jump, triple jump, shot put, discus and, so far not beaten javelin and hammer throw.

Rockets launched via compressed air. Always guaranteed to succeed and planty of time to make amendments to the fundamental design. Always a highlight of the week’s activities.


To register your child for any of these sessions please contact The Primary Works owner, Jonathan Forgham for a registration form and further details.




Owl Pellet Investigation

Children from several local schools, Little Hadham, Windhill and Broadfields, Harlow have recently been science detectives. They have been given a selection of little and barn owl pellets and dissected them to remove the skeletal remains of rodents. Under the expert guidance of The Primary Works owner, Jonathan Forgham, they have identified the bones by name and to species. All children think this a most amazing investigation and very quickly become familiar with the names of the major bones of the skeleton. To hear a Year 3 child inquire, “Is this a tibia or an ulna” or “Is this a mouse’s rib or femur” really does show how quick the correct vocabulary is both learnt and understood. An excellent workshop

Primary School Science Clubs

The Primary Works offers science clubs for key stage 2 children in schools around East and North Hertfordshire. These have proved popular in over a dozen schools, with many requesting return visits. Each club lasts for 5 weeks, each session being up to an hour and half. The main focus for the spring term is forces and the participants spend time constructing kites, parachutes and rockets, all of which are then flown. For the final half hour of the club, parents are invited in to hear what has been going on and to witness the maiden flights of the constructions. All designs come from NASA and consequently are always a success.
The Primary Works is now offering clubs to schools for the second half of the spring term as well as the 2 half terms after Easter. Please contact Jonathan for further information, or make a date for an informal discussion.

3rd Art Day

A super art day at Pearse House where the main subject of the morning was Pablo Picasso. By using African masks (one of the inspirations for Picasso) we looked at how he developed his faces in pictures. Here, he painted faces from 2 angles into the same shape face. Firstly a side profile view followed by a full frontal version, hence his famous “strange faces” such as in The head of a Lady and Girl before the Mirror. We took the latter as our main theme for the morning and as can be seen in the photos, the group had much success developing this style on canvas.

In the afternoon we briefly touched on Warhol before finishing looking at the work of Paul Klee. We used his “The Park” painting to dvelop a new style where colour was the main effect but also basic patterns were used to symbolise specific objects within the park. Zoe’s finished work depicts either a tree or a fountain within the centre of the park and her use of colour to represent a variety of flower beds and black curved lines to show paths that actually never join is particularly impressive.

All the children had a most creative and successful day and remained excellent company throughout.

A further course is definitely planned for the February half term and a Christmas Saturday art class is being planned, perhaps for the 2nd week in December. More photos can be seen in the gallery. Click on photos at the top of the page.

The Park by Zoe, after Paul Klee

2nd Holiday art day


A second art day was held at Pearse House on April 9th. The children, enthusiastic and great company as ever, enjoyed tackling sketching skills using pencil and charcoal. The overall theme was perspective and architecture, with Pearse House, a Victorian mansion in tudor style, lending itself superbly to a final drawing piece out of doors. Harriet and Amelia completed superb pieces on this subject, Amelia in paint and Harriet in pencil. Jenny, Hannah, Zoe and Natalie decided their favourite piece was a tree silhouette using perspective to give a distant rural view, with fields fading into the horizon along with trees that were more distant. All 6 were excellently completed.

A really great, creative day. Congratulations to all for their fine achievements. I am sure mum and dad are really impressed. Well done. I am now planning a new course for the half term break. Details to follow or email me for these by the end of April. Photos can befound in the gallery. Click photos.

Bishop’s Stortford Schools’ Science Challenge

7 teams from 5 local schools congregated at Pearse House for the termly Primary Works Science Challenge Day.

First challenge was to construct a gravity run, making a toy car roll 2 metres over a carpetted surface. Many designs were made with the winning team (Summercroft) making their car travel over 1.5 metres. Friction, gravity and air resistance were all discussed before the 2nd challenge of the day: kite making. A NASA design, simple to construct and great to fly was introduced. All worked really well, with Hunsdon, Little Hadham and Albury’s going superbly. After a much needed lunchbreak a parachute challenge was discussed. Teams had to plan what they required and bought them with a $2 million NASA dollar budget. Birchanger and Albury school did well, keeping their egg intact and only spending 700,000 dollars on their design. Great work.

Finally, a pneumatically launched rocket had to be constructed. All succeeded when launched at 60psi with Hunsdon’s team, the Burned out Boffins, travelling the highest and furthest, covering over 35 metres and attaining a height of 60 feet. This particular example went straight and high whilst others showed aerodynamic problems and headed off in all directions. All succeeded in getting off the launch pad and great fun was had by all.

Eventually, Hunsdon Primary came out the winners and took The Primary Works, Science Challenge Shield.

An excellent day with inventive, enthusiastic and polite children, all keen to succeed and willing to face up to some pretty tough challenges. Well done to all. For more photos click on photos above.

Summercroft Primary: National Science Week Special Day

Summercroft Primary, Bishop’s Stortford, Herts booked a day to kick off their whole week of exciting science activities. A whole school assembly (360+ children) was followed by a session with year 3 painting with melting ice cubes and salt. Good for evaporation learning and melting ice. Year 5 had a project on developing habitats for particular creatures and how they adapted to their habitat. A good question and answer feedback session followed. Year 1 spent time painting with poster paint and salt whilst year 2 made kites as shown in the photos. Reception children had fun in the hall playing colour games and discovering what colours made what when mixed.

Great fun throughout the day.